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As a Web Designer it’s a must that I keep up to date with the best SEO practises. I offer SEO services and I’ll gladly analyze your website free of charge to find out whether you need my help or not.

250,000 Websites go live every day.

Amazing isn’t it, an estimated quarter of a million brand new websites (source) going live every day! I wonder how many of those are related to your area of business? Of course there’s no easy way to find out so we have to figure out the best possible way of being found. How did you get here? Did you come from a link here on this site or did you search for SEO services in Newcastle, SEO services near me or maybe an SEO Consultant?

Keep content relevant

I asked that question for a reason. Just by having that written in that paragraph it’s just boosted my chances of getting seen by people who are searching for those services. That’s what SEO is all about, making sure the right people find you by keeping content relevant to what you offer. I love Italian food, but I don’t want my website visitors coming here to find out what my favourite dish is because it’s not relevant here. I’ve studied SEO in depth and more importantly I’ve practiced with different methods for over 10 years.

If your current website is not performing the way you want it too I can guide you in the right direction, get in touch and get a free SEO audit. It could make the difference between getting seen and being left behind one of those 250,000 new websites that will be created today. Actually, in the time it’s taken you to read this, an estimated 175 more websites have just went live!



To provide you with the best SEO services first of all I’ll need to analyze your website. I use various methods and tools to do this and we’ll find out exactly where we can improve.


Once I’ve identified areas for improvement I’ll make the changes needed to get you ranking higher on search engine results.

Get Results

Now we sit back and relax and watch the visitors come in their numbers right? Well not quite, there needs to be constant monitoring of how your website is doing. Remember, your SEO strategy is a long term project.

Need an SEO audit?

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