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Website Developer & Relationship Builder.

My name is Michael Jennings and I am a Web Designer from Newcastle upon Tyne. I always go the extra mile which is why I have, and keep good relationships with all of my clients. I specialise in building websites with WordPress and Divi and have worked with WordPress for over ten years. As you may know WordPress is nothing without its array of plugins and I use most of them on a daily basis. I can create a stunning webstore with WooCommerce or a simple elegant blogging website.

I Specialise in

WordPress, Divi and Search Engine Optimisation.


What I Can Do For You

I develop websites for all sorts of people from bloggers to businesses and everything in between. I offer a range of services from full developments from the ground up to rebuilding broken or outdated websites.


Free consultations, I’ll spend time listening to your needs and respond accordingly. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Blog much?

Want to share your latest ramblings with the world? Everyone has something to say about something, how about you? Let’s get you blogging!


Got an idea for a website but don’t know how to go forward? Let’s have a chat and let me help you achieve your goals.

Business owners

A good website can make or break your business, get found, make sales and kiss goodbye to the competition.


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