My name is Michael Jennings and I am a web designer from Newcastle upon Tyne.

Designing and building websites for individuals and businesses from Newcastle and beyond for over ten years. As a web designer or web developer, I work closely with all of my clients to help build and grow a strong online presence.

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What I do best

SEO Services

What’s the point in having a website and never getting found? Perfect SEO is more important than ever with around 250,000 brand new websites going live every day! I spend longer than the average website designer should on SEO, take a look why.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Designs

Although the statistics vary depending on which country you’re in, around 45 to 70% of your website visitors will be using a mobile phone. I design every website with this in mind so every site I create is fully responsive.

I like to make every website unique.

First impressions really do last. If your website doesn’t stand out and is easy to navigate, visitors will be gone in an instant.

My Web Design Process

The Consultation

We’ll chat about what you want from your website and we’ll set realistic goals to achieve. I’ll want to know things like if you have images and a logo that you would like to use. You’ll probably want to know how long it will take and how it will be built.



Once I know the nature of your business I’ll get to work researching what you do. More importantly, I’ll look at who your competitors are, find out what they do best and aim to do better.


The Web Design & Build

This is where the fun starts, I’ll get to work on some design ideas and start building your new website. You will play a part in this too of course and you’ll be able to see the progress as it’s happening. I’ll provide you with log in details for my staging site so you can drop in whenever you like to see what’s happening.


Once you’re up and running with your shiny new website we’ll need to maintain it and keep an eye on how it’s doing. I offer one month of free full support for all of my clients and should you need help longer term, my hourly rates are highly competitive.

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